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Moto Racer 2 removed from GOG due to copy protection


If you downloaded Moto Racer 2 from GOG, you might be wondering how a racing game ever attracted an audience with such slow motorcycles in it. As it turns out, it's not just that you don't know how to operate a virtual motorcycle -- your bike is crippled as a result of copy protection that prevents motocross racers from shifting beyond third gear, and Superbike racers from exceeding fourth gear.

After finding insidious copy protection in one of its games, the famously DRM-averse GOG has pulled Moto Racer 2 from its servers, and is offering a complimentary $5.99 credit to any Moto Racer 2 owner who complains on the site's support form. In addition, GOG is working to eliminate the problematic anti-piracy scheme, and will offer the game on its store once again when the issue is ameliorated.

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