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Player poll results and future plans for Final Fantasy XIV

Eliot Lefebvre

After a week of silence, it seems the new development team has finished putting together data from Final Fantasy XIV's start-of-year player poll. Naoki Yoshida makes as much clear in the first few lines of his incredibly dense producer's letter, which contains a broad outline of what the team is targeting first in the game's development, as well as the results of the first poll. The results alone merit a great deal of discussion, with the responses charted out for ease of viewing and Yoshida devoting much of his letter to his interpretation of the results.

Among the more interesting takeaways are the plans to implement official forums starting in early March, with Yoshida stating he will be posting regular updates on the front page until the forums launch. Several items are under close examination, including jumping, increased stack sizes for several items, and the addition of an auction house -- all of which are very real possibilities for the near future. There's also plans to add in more story-based quests and mini-quests, the addition of public companies (no word on how this will interact with the previously promised company system or if it replaces it), and so many changes that it's hard to summarize. Final Fantasy XIV players should take a look at the full letter, which boasts a lot to get excited about.

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