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Super Ramen Bros. dev returns with Smuggle Truck


Owlchemy Labs -- the development team that made iPhone game Super Ramen Brothers in 24 hours -- is back with Smuggle Truck, a physics-based driving game for iOS and browsers. The objective of the game is to smuggle illegal aliens and real aliens across an unspecified border, leaping chasms, catching birthing babies as they pop up from the back of the truck, and generally seeing to it that the precious "cargo" stays safe along the way to freedom.

Smuggle Truck will be available in March, but Owlchemy thinks it would be a hoot to host a level creation contest in February with the release of the game's web-based editor app. It's also noteworthy that the game's art is being created by Bill Tiller, who was the lead background artist for LucasArts' classic adventure game Curse of Monkey Island, among other titles. Check out a pair of videos of the border jumping gameplay after the break.

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