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The MMO Report: Good to the last drop edition

It's time once again for another freshly-brewed episode of the MMO report, where we can expect that the week's news will be roasted to a tasty, yet full-bodied finish. This week finds Casey Schreiner and the crew at G4TV touching on some of the most important -- and strangest -- news from the MMO world, as well as getting their caffeine on in Uncle Casey's Mailbag.

First up, Casey reminds us why lawsuits are very silly things, and gives voice to the one thing we suspect many people fear about the legal bickering between Bethesda and Interplay over the Fallout MMO. Up next, the Blood Lord's rampage in Vindictus is on the radar (with a shout out to us here at Massively -- thanks!), proving you can't have slaughter without laughter. From there, it's on to Champions Online, and its move to free-to-play starting on January 25th, as well as news from APB's continuing free-to-play conversion. (We'd have something witty to say about those two, but we keep getting distracted by character creation. The next thing you know, hours have passed.) Finally, Casey rounds out this week's episode with a one-two punch of some truly weird news coupled with the usual dose of insanity in Uncle Casey's Mailbag, aided now with large amounts of caffeine.

So grab your coffee cup, and join us behind the jump for all the best (and some of the worst) in this week's MMO Report. You can also catch it every Thursday on G4TV.

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