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The Queue: Working on my night cheese


I am so happy that 30 Rock is back.

Rich asked:

Why is the mount that we get from Vial of the Sands so butt-ugly? I mean that had the potential to be the most awesome mount in the game, but it's just an eyesore.

At least it's better than that plain dragonhawk reward from Mountain o' Mounts. Seriously, what a huge letdown of a reward. Even the Sunreaver Dragonhawk had armor!

foster.emma95 asked:

Hey guys, I read the Queue every single day at school (all-girl Catholic high schools are too lazy to check our computers, heh), so I figured that I would give you a question I've been pondering for a while. Who is behind WoW Insider? I'd love to see something, a page, an article, something about everyone who puts the glorious site together. I'd love to know more!

A bunch of people make WoW Insider possible. From our fearless editor-in-chief Dan O'Halloran, senior editors Adam Holisky, Alex Ziebart, and Mike Sacco, to all of the columnists and editors, a bunch of people contribute to making this place content-rich, fun, and informative. And then, of course, there are the incredibly handsome trio of gentlemen who record the WoW Insider Show every week... The About Us page has everyone's information.

Nydboda asked:

I am interested to see if Blizzard is willing to allow races from other factions to betray and join the other faction. I know EQ2 has a rather lengthy process of doing this. But I see races from opposite factions working together in other groups, like the Earthen Ring and the Ashen Verdict. What are your thoughts?

It won't happen. There is a concept in character design known as silhouetting, where well-designed characters are instantly recognizable by their silhouettes and are easily distinguishable from their counterpart characters. For the Horde and the Alliance, there is a huge difference in the silhouette of each faction on the whole, as well as no similar silhouette within each race. Even the worgen, who have the ability to change into a human form, are forced into their unique silhouette when doing anything remotely engaging in the game. Blizzard makes each race very unique to stand out, and putting both factions together means screwing with the silhouettes.

Ickabob asked:

Why the heck are we killing the people of Rustberg Village? Were they corrupted by the evils locked away beneath Tol Barad, possibly escaped prison inmates, or are they just really mean-spirited? The quest text just doesn't seem to justify killing them. Heck, I even feel bad stealing fish from them.

We talked about this on the most recent podcast (I think) and came to the conclusion that your character, as well as everyone in this game, is kind of a douche. We also have no idea what is up with Rustberg Village. Everything is suspicious and weird, but we've postulated some ideas.

Zykia asked:

Has Blizzard ever considered opening a fancy dress store in the cities? It would just sell level 1, no stats costumes for banks to wear, or for role playing. I would love being able to dress my bank up as a cultist, for example, or as a plain clothes citizen. There could also be some gold sink costumes. Maybe include the magic fish and Halloween transformations, or the ability to transform into a murloc ...

I would love a fancy "dress up your bank alt" store that sold BoA cosmetic items for justice points or something. However, to borrow from another Queue commenter, the dress store is down the block from the dance studio.

However, there actually is a "gold sink" dress available with Cataclysm called the Black Embersilk Gown. It even requires a Chaos Orb! Only the fanciest bank alts will be wearing this beauty. Also, there are already some dress shops in Stormwind; Geenia Sunshadow sells some specialty dresses in Moonglade; and I'm sure the commenters will have plenty of locations for bank alt dress-up.

Skem asked:

Hi Guys,

I have a question for Know-i-est Guys (and Gals) of
Warcraft. What is WoW Insider's postion on heroics as a destination rather than a stepping stone to raiding? Also does this (in your humble opinion of course) contradict Blizzard's effort to open endgame content to a larger player base?

I'm not going to speak for WoW Insider as a whole, because we all have differing opinions on heroics, but I can give you my own take on things. Heroics being a stepping stone to raiding is how things should be. These are harder versions of the dungeons you become familiar with over the course of your leveling experience. People are confusing heroic accessibility with awful, impatient groups that expect the experience to be quick and easy. If you went into the starting 10-man raids with a group of impatient, whiney players who expect Bastion of Twilight to be cleared as they autorun from the beginning to the end of the zone, then you're going to fail. Same goes for heroics -- going in with the wrong attitude is going to hamper your progress.

Does this contradict Blizzard's wanting to make endgame raiding more accessible? Absolutely not. Endgame raiding has come so far from the days of yore that saying raids now are less accessible is like playing a cruel joke on vanilla and The Burning Crusade. Everything is still accessible to a whole bunch of people, but you still have to put a modicum of energy into getting there. I don't see that as a bad thing.

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