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WonderSwan Color shmups return on Xbox 360


Judgement Silversword is as well-known as a homebrew WonderSwan Color game could be. The Radiant Silvergun tribute was designed for a homebrew competition in 2001, and then published for real by Qute in 2004. Now, it's making a return appearance in the unlikeliest of places: on Xbox 360.

udgement Silversword and its remixed edition, Cardinal Sins, will be bonuses in Qute's new 360 retail shmup, Eschatos. Both will be faithfully emulated in their original forms -- which means they'll be pretty pixelated and confined to a tiny gameplay window on an HD display.

Check out two trailers for Eschatos (the actual new game on the Eschatos disc) after the break. If it looks cool, be prepared to import it on March 24 -- not many disc-based bullet hell shooters make it outside of Japan.

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