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One Shots: Whistling up a furious storm

When it comes to fancy mounts, you might think of having a mount that can take passengers, a unique mount you had to work extra-hard for, or perhaps one of the fanciest ones you've seen in the cash shop. However, unless you can harness the power of the weather to get around, we'd say this one stands a chance as being one of the most unique ones out there! Today's stormy EverQuest II picture (and witty title) comes in to us from fellow MMO blogger Araxes, aka Ratwarlock, who writes in to explain: "[Here's a picture of] my Sarnak Fury, crouched atop his magical storm cloud. The Sarnak have some great animations, and the way they peek out from this cloud as they fly along really looks great. It's pretty funny to see one go flying by, too. Of course, no Fury would be complete without a little lightning."

One Shots is always on the lookout for more screenshots from readers. If you're playing an MMO we don't often see here, we'd love to hear from you. Just email your screenshot in to us here at along with your name, the name of the game, and a description of what we're seeing. We'll do the rest!

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