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Gamers' Voice to submit formal complaint over Black Ops PC/PS3 bugs

Gamers' Voice, the UK-headquartered video game enthusiast advocacy group founded by British Labor MP Tom Watson, will file a formal complaint to "relevant government agencies" this week regarding unresolved bugs in the PC and PS3 versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops. The group explained its position on the Gamers' Voice blog, stating "it doesn't matter how big a game is, it should not be released 'unfinished' or with bugs that make the game unplayable, which are words we have seen in a lot of emails to us recently."

The group further explained why these bugs drew their attention, saying, "in the case with CODBLOPS, entire sections of the PS3 and PC gaming community are apparently being used as game testers for an extended period after a game's release, yet being asked to pay for the privilege." Hey, it could be much, much worse. They could be asked to participate in a reality television show for the privilege.

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