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DC Universe Online is SOE's fastest selling game [Updated]

Jef Reahard

How's DC Universe Online performing after a week or so in the wild? Sony Online Entertainment hasn't released official sales or subscription numbers, but company president John Smedley recently stated that "it's our fastest selling game ever." Smedley delivered the news via his Twitter account, and also revealed that DCUO topped Steam's sales charts last week.

The title also seems to be exceeding SOE's expectations given the fact that Smedley alluded to a stock shortage. "Working on out-of-stock problems," he tweeted, adding that more copies of the game should become available early this week.

DC Universe Online is currently available for PC and Playstation 3, and you can learn more at the game's official website.

[Update: John Smedley updated his Twitter feed in response to questions concerning the PC/PS3 sales numbers. The PS3 is currently leading at 52%.]

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