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iPad high resolution display rumored for third generation


According to IDC research manager Tom Mainelli, the iPad 3 and not the iPad 2 will be the lucky recipient of a high-resolution display. Previous rumors have repeatedly suggested that the iPad 2 will sport a high-resolution "Retina" display. Most of these rumors came from Asian sources and were cautiously repeated with skepticism that Apple could pack a Retina Display into the iPad 2 and keep the price competitive.

Mainelli bucks this trend by asserting that it is production and not cost that is the limiting factor for a 10-inch high-resolution display. The technology exists and is reasonably priced, but there are no production facilities capable of producing a Retina Display at the volume Apple will need for the iPad 2. Apple sold over 7 million iPads in its last quarter, and these numbers are expected to skyrocket in the upcoming year.

Rather than experience lagging sales due to component shortages. Apple may have opted to push off the high-resolution display and manufacture the iPad 2 with a standard resolution display. Apple is reportedly prepping manufacturers for the iPad 3, giving them time to ramp up their display production capabilities for the third generation tablet. If this analysis by Mainelli pans out and the iPad 2 does ship with a standard display, will you be disappointed? Disappointed to the point that you bypass the iPad 2 and wait for the iPad 3? Let us know in the comments.

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