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Plan your perfect character with the RIFT soul calculator

Jef Reahard

One of the greatest strengths of any MMORPG is its community. Regardless of the size of a title's playerbase, it's practically a given that the demographics will include folks with the skills (and the goodwill) to make the experience better for everyone. Usually this happens free of charge in the form of web-based tools and analysis, and the latest case in point comes to us courtesy of ZAM and its new RIFT soul calculator.

The tool allows rifters to experiment with builds all the way up to the game's level 50 cap (even though RIFT's current beta phase doesn't allow for endgame play). ZAM's announcement post carries a beta qualifier of its own, as the soul calculator is still under development and may feature a lingering bug or two.

is a subscription-based fantasy MMO developed by Trion Worlds which launches on March 1st. You can learn more about the game and sign up for beta via the official website.

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