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T-Mobile's Nokia Nuron 2 shelved?

Chris Ziegler

Of all the phones we didn't expect to have a successor, T-Mobile USA's Nuron ranks high on that list -- though it was a great deal seeing how it didn't require a smartphone data plan, the device itself offered users a pretty miserable (and unnecessarily WiFi-less) experience. New rumors suggest that the carrier had fixed its sights on Nokia's Symbian^1-powered C5-03 as the successor to the Nuron for launch early next month... but don't get your hopes up, because in the same breath, PocketNow reports that the project has already been killed off. No word on the logic behind the move, but the killing echoes the recent news that the X7's AT&T debut had been axed after the two companies failed to agree on marketing and pricing. Doesn't seem like T-Mobile would be playing those same games, but you never know.

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