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Cryptic unmasks the Champions F2P trailer


Defender calls out to all Champions: "Report to the nearest crisis zone and engage the enemy."

If you have not experienced Champions Online yet, now is the time. Cryptic's superhero MMORPG is officially free-to-play as of today. This is your chance to design a hero in what G4TV has called "the finest character creator system yet seen in an online RPG." Or perhaps you're a former Champions Online player who hasn't played for a while... this is a great time for you to get back into the game to see what you have been missing.

In the F2P launch-day trailer, Millennium City's being attacked while the other Champions are spread around the world in battles of their own. The distress call has gone out to you. Will you reply? Catch the full trailer after the break, then you can head over to the official site and start saving the world today.

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