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Dead Space for iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad now live (Or: Play Dead Space when you can't play Dead Space)

You're at work. The boss is really getting on your nerves. Dead Space 2 is out today ... but it'll be at least six hours before you manage to extract yourself from the sprawl (of cubicles). You could strategically dismember your coworkers, sure, but that's not only difficult, it's illegal. Instead, we're going to recommend that you download Dead Space for your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad and get down to the Dead Space-ing. Use stasis to freeze an enemy, switch to the plasma cutter, orient it vertically, sever his arm and then use kinesis to pick it up and shoot it through his torso.

Having spent some hours with the game already, we can promise you this: Dead Space on iOS is a surprisingly competent mobile approximation of Dead Space. We'll have a full review later this week, but you've still got half a work-day to kill.

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