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Microsoft offering free 30-day trials of Office 11


Office 11 for Mac is an interesting little bit of software put out by a smallish Seattle-based company called Microsoft -- it's a nice suite of business apps, including a word processor, database software, an email client and a few other helpful programs all bundled up together. You may not have heard much about it before (it's kind of like OpenOffice, if we understand it right), but if you want to give it a try, this Microsoft company is offering up a free 30-day trial over on the official website. We're not sure how useful the suite actually is, but free's free, right?

OK, all kidding aside, you probably already have some form of Office installed on your Mac. But the Microsoft team is offering up a free trial of Office 11 during Macworld, and if you haven't seen the latest version of this ubiquitous software yet, consider this your chance to check it out.

Plus, we've heard some pretty interesting things about this "Microsoft." Apparently they also make their own operating system, but it'll run on any computer, not just the ones you buy at the official store. Crazy!

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