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Our eagle-eyed readers are spotting subtle changes to starting with a gray navigational bar across the top of the page -- which wasn't rendering properly with the iPad at first. There are also bits of animation to other parts of the site, including the Mac page. The core part of the site appears to be the same.

When viewing the page on the iPad, the names on the buttons are missing. The animation on the sub-sites also did not work correctly. The animation loads when you open the Mac page, but it did not work when clicking on "Accessories" or other parts of the bar. Clicking on the icons within the animation itself, such as the Mac mini or MacBook icons, did not work either.

Let's hope that someone is up working overtime at Apple tonight to make the site iPad compatible once more!

Edit (2:40 AM): The animation has been repaired, but the buttons are still lacking text on the iPad.

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