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Former Newsweek editor planning iPad magazines

David Quilty

Former Newsweek Magazine President Mark Edmiston is planning to launch a set of magazines formatted for the iPad, according to a report out from Mashable today. Nomad Editions, a new media company launched by Edmiston, started releasing five digital weekly magazines this past fall: Real Eats, Wave Lines, Wide Screen, u+me and BodySmart, with the newest title, u+me, coming in February 2011. Each title is offered as a free trial for four editions/weeks, and after that, the price is US$6.00 per 90 days or $2 per month -- a pretty fair price for a weekly magazine.

While Nomad Editions will be in competition with some other high-profile, iPad-centric publications, like Rupert Murdoch's The Daily and Richard Branson's Project, Edmiston has structured his company a little differently with a small staff of freelancers contributing content in exchange for a share of any revenue derived from sales. With some reports saying that iPad magazines aren't faring well over time, this should be a good comparison test to see which model performs better in this new digital marketplace.

[via Mashable]

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