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Killzone 3 single-player demo packed into PSN update on Feb. 15


By the time the Killzone 3 single-player demo pops up on the PlayStation Store, many millions of Helghan and Human alike will have fallen in the game's open multiplayer beta. According to the US PlayStation blog, a slice from the middle of the game's single-player campaign ("Icy Incursion") will arrive in demo form on February 15; PlayStation Plus members nab it one week earlier on February 8. Meanwhile, Europeans will get the demo on Feb. 9 and 16, respectively. You'll be ready for the yellow-eyed hordes by then, right?

Also of note: the demo will arrive in 3D and 2D-only iterations as separate downloads, both equipped with Move functionality but only allowing for split-screen co-op in the 2D version. We're going to take it one step further by grabbing an all-syrup Killzone 3 Slurpee from 7-Eleven, downloading the 3D demo, and playing it while losing our minds.

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