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Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, Let's Tap, and more get theatrical adaptations in NYC


Yes, someone has decided to turn Wii Tennis into a real theatrical production. Ars Nova, a theater "committed to ... support[ing] outside-the-box thinking," will present a series of plays -- The Wii Plays -- each named after a title in Nintendo's motion controlled library. There are some familiar names here, including Marvel Superhero Squad and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, as well as some especially odd choices. Let's Tap? Bob the Builder: Festival of Fun? Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games? Really?

While there's undoubtedly some copyright infringement at work, The Wii Plays won't be around long enough to cause too much trouble. Ten different plays will be shown off-Broadway from February 1-12. Tickets will go for $15 each.

With musical accompaniment from a live band, The Wii Plays might warrant the price of admission based on novelty alone. Check out the full list of adapted works in the press release after the break.

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New York, NY-Ars Nova (Jason Eagan, Artistic Director; Jeremy Blocker, Managing Director)
proudly kicks off its 2011 season with The Wii Plays, by Ars Nova's Play Group. Set to play 10
performances only from February 1-12, this evening of original short plays and live music,
inspired by the titles of Nintendo Wii games, takes game night to new heights in this year's
incarnation of Ars Nova's annual Play Group production.

Watch as some of New York's hottest emerging playwrights spin the wild titles of Nintendo Wii
games into an evening of arcade-inspired plays. Infused with the sounds of live band Super
Mirage, The Wii Plays serves up brand new works in a variety of styles – all taking their titles
from popular Wii games.

Each year, members of Ars Nova's vibrant and eclectic writers' group Play Group create an
original evening of work related to a theme collaboratively devised by the group. This annual
Play Group production kicked off with The Wikipedia Plays, and was followed with Playlist and
last year's hit Missed Connections NYC. Play Group gathers twice a month at Ars Nova to share
new work and get peer feedback, affording its members the opportunity to develop their plays
with peer support, form collaborative relationships and build a strong sense of community within
Ars Nova.

The Wii Plays features new works by Chad Beckim, Jenny Connell, Kara Lee Corthron,
Kristoffer Diaz, Tasha Gordon-Solmon, Amy Herzog, Samuel D. Hunter, Matthew Lopez,
Molly Smith Metzler, Gregory Moss, Janine Nabers and Joe Tracz, and is directed by
Stephen Brackett, Portia Krieger, Lila Neugebauer and Laura Savia.

The Wii Plays features performances by Jenni Barber, Andrew Garman, Donnetta Lavinia
Grays, Christopher Jackson, Zach Shaffer and Robbie Sublett. This production features live
music by Super Mirage. Costume Design is by Tilly Grimes. Lighting Design is by Grant
Yeager. Projection Design is by Dan Scully. Sound Design is by Jorge Muelle.

The Wii Plays are as follows; each evening features the full slate of plays:

Wii Tennis by Molly Smith Metzler, directed by Lila Neugebauer
Barbie as the Island Princess by Tasha Gordon-Solmon, directed by Lila Neugebauer
Let's Tap by Janine Nabers, directed by Portia Krieger
Marvel Superhero Squad by Chad Beckim, directed by Stephen Brackett
Buck Fever by Samuel D. Hunter, directed by Portia Krieger
Alien Monster Bowling League by Matthew Lopez, directed by Laura Savia
Tomb Raider: Anniversary by Kara Lee Corthron, directed by Laura Savia
Burger Island by Gregory Moss, directed by Portia Krieger
All Star Cheer Squad by Jenny Connell, directed by Laura Savia
Sword Play: Speed Slice by Kristoffer Diaz, directed by Lila Neugebauer
Bob the Builder: Festival of Fun by Amy Herzog, directed by Stephen Brackett
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games by Joe Tracz, dir. by Stephen Brackett

This production is sponsored in part by a generous grant from the National Endowment for the

About Ars Nova:
Ars Nova is committed to developing and producing theatre, comedy and music artists in the
early stages of their professional careers. Its unique development programs are designed to
support outside-the-box thinking and encourage innovative, genre-bending work. By providing a
safe environment where risk-taking and collaboration are paramount, Ars Nova gives voice to a
new generation of artists and audiences, pushing the boundaries of live entertainment by
nurturing creative ideas into smart, surprising new work. For more information on Ars Nova's
programs, visit

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