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Reminder: Sony press conference tonight at 1AM EST


Sony is holding a press event in Tokyo this evening -- well, it's actually "tomorrow afternoon" Tokyo time, but it'll be late at night for those of us in America. Regardless, your tireless Joystiq staff will be here, liveblogging the event for your edification. Come join us in the wee hours at this link here and find out just what Sony's going to be announcing at this thing.

We couldn't possibly hazard a guess. We're just thrilled about possibly, finally, getting our very first glimpse of whatever it is Sony has been working on under such secrecy.

08:00PM - Hawaii
10:00PM - Pacific
11:00PM - Mountain
12:00AM - Central (January 27)
1:00AM - Eastern
06:00AM - London
07:00AM - Paris
09:00AM - Moscow
02:00PM - Perth
02:00PM - Shenzhen
03:00PM - Tokyo
05:00PM - Sydney

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