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Zentia offers lots of goodies in upcoming patch 1.2

When it comes to irreverent, fun, free-to-play games that some of the crew here at Massively are fond of, Zentia has managed to earn a spot on that listing. Sure, the brightly-colored landscape may not be in everyone's style, but games that don't take themselves seriously definitely should be! Along with the promise of everyday shrimp versus crab battles, Zentia's upcoming 1.2 patch will add in a lot of things that players have been looking forward to.

Aside from a new zone, new mounts, pets, items and more things of a normal nature that players expect in large updates, patch 1.2 will also offer up many other changes. Among the plans are a new Marriage system, a way to earn even more experience, and a Consignment system that will allow players to sell their items to other players server-wide. For now, while we wait for more details, we have a teaser trailer after the jump, offering a first look into this upcoming Zentia expansion, as well as a few new screenshots tucked into the gallery below. But really, epic shrimp versus crab battles... Do we need to say more?

Gallery: Zentia Screenshots | 12 Photos

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