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Al Franken calls net neutrality the 'free speech issue of our time,' proposes stricter FCC regulations

Tim Stevens

We hate to see something we hold as dear to our hearts as the internet become so deeply mired in politics, but this whole net neutrality thing is serious business. The FCC released its full rules just before running home to sip some eggnog but still it didn't take long for companies like Verizon to register their discontent. Now senators Maria Cantwell and Al Franken are voicing their own dissent, saying that the FCC "does not do nearly enough to protect consumers" and that the pair's "Internet Freedom, Broadband Promotion, and Consumer Protection Act of 2011" will. Among other things it explicitly prevents the creation of "fast lanes" for premium content, keeping ISPs from charging extra for content they like or slowing down stuff they don't. The full details are in the PDF on the other end of the source link, and if you're wondering what happens next we have a dramatization embedded below.

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