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EverQuest II is now mobile


Have you ever thought during a boring business meeting, "What is going on in Norrath?" Perhaps that's what the designers at Sony Online Entertainment were thinking when they developed the mobile application for EverQuest II.

Today, SOE announced EverQuest II Mobile. This free application is designed to keep you connected to your friends and characters in EverQuest II. Whether you're on an iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android phone, you can now speak to other Norrathians via any world channel or in-game email. You can track your character's location with the world map. Your character's profile, stats, and equipment are available for viewing. Most importantly, you can see what your guildmates are doing with the guild map tracker.

For all the information about this new innovation from SOE, check out the official website or head to the iPhone, Android, or Blackberry store.

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