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Final Fantasy Versus XIII gameplay detailed, trailer re-released in HD


An HD version of the recently leaked Final Fantasy Versus XIII trailer has been officially released by Square Enix, giving us a clearer look at the long-awaited game's battle system. Dengeki PlayStation (via Andriasang) offers a bit more insight.

We joked that the game was a "Kingdom Hearts for adults," and in many ways, that comparison holds true. Like the Disney mash-up game, the combat system is party-based, giving you control of at most three characters at once. You'll be able to switch between the different characters, each with its own specialized type of attack. One character, for example, will be able to find enemy weak points and attack them with guns from a third-person perspective. Noctis, the princely main character of the story, is the only one able to use every weapon type in the game. You'll also be able to command vehicles: tanks, cars, air ships and, yes, Chocobos.

If the trailer whets your appetite for more, director Tetsuya Nomura asks that you "forget" about the game for now. Why? With the next update on the game planned for E3 "at the earliest," it's clear that Nomura and company have a long way to go before they're finished. Check out the trailer (again) after the break.

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