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JVC's RD-R1 and RD-R2 boomboxes bring stereo recording capabilities, the studio to the streets


Are you looking for a smaller, less conspicuous means to listen to your jams and a way to record your freestyle battles? JVC has you covered with its new RD-R1 and RD-R2 compact boomboxes that weigh a scant 450 grams (one pound, for those using Americanized measurements). The devices come equipped with dual omni-directional mics and a microSD slot (with an included 2GB card) to record your rhymes at bitrates up to 192Kbps. Both models also have five-second countdown and clapper-style start functionality -- so you have time to get your 'Vogue' on and strike a pose before the music starts. Additionally, the RD-R2 adds a metronome feature and a 6.3mm mono jack for those who want to add an electric guitar to the mix. JVC hasn't released the price for the RD-R1, but with the higher-end R2 model retailing for ¥37,800 ($460) when it goes on sale in February, it ain't cheap. However, it seems a paltry sum to pay for creative freedom. Say word, son!

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