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Mass Effect 2 PS3 save corruption workaround, issue being fixed in upcoming patch


Earlier this week, we approached EA and BioWare and asked about workarounds for a nasty Mass Effect 2 save file corruption bug, occurring in the recently launched PS3 version. An EA representative tells Joystiq that the publisher is aware of the issue and is finalizing a patch that will be submitted to Sony for approval shortly.

According to BioWare's patch notes, which we've placed after the break, the corrupted save games are caused by a "crash related to memory fragmentation." For now, the developer's suggested workaround is to "simply restart your game every few hours." It's good to take a break every now and then ... though save file erasure is tad draconian when used as encouragement.

[Thanks, Nizam A.]

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a crash related to memory fragmentation. This fix will also resolve the crashing that corrupted Save Games.
  • Slightly improved load times and level streaming.
  • Added some telemetry to better improve future titles.
  • Updated some strings to fix spelling mistakes (Sorry Kaidan!)
  • Fixed the picture frame in Shepard's Cabin to accurately reflect your love interest choices in Mass Effect: Genesis.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the PSN version in Shepard's Cabin.

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