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Metal Gear Solid 4 demonstrated on NGP


As if we didn't understand the implication the first time, Sony paraded Hideo Kojima out on stage -- this better be a Zone of the Enders game! -- to demonstrate ... right, of course: Metal Gear Solid 4 on the NGP. "There's no announcement of a new title today," Kojima confessed, "but I'd like to talk about the future perspective."

We get it -- PS3 games can be exported to NGP -- and Kojima is envisioning a future in which games will be seamlessly transferred back-and-forth between the home console and portable unit. "This dream is going to come true in the near future," he pledged, "and right now I'm working on this project."

"I can't disclose further information," Kojima added -- but that's what E3's for, right?

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