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Nexus S coming in a new AT&T flavor?

Chris Ziegler

Up in Canada, Mobilicity's CEO made an odd comment recently that Bell, Telus, and Rogers will all be getting the Nexus S around the same time that his carrier does in March. Why is that odd? Well, as it stands, no variant of the Nexus S supports the 850 / 1900MHz WCDMA that would be necessary to run (at high speed, anyway) on those three networks. Circle back around to the Bluetooth SIG, where PocketNow has discovered an entry for a GT-i9020A; you might recall that the European version of the device is the i9020, while T-Mobile's AWS-compatible build is the i9020T, with "T" ostensibly standing for "T-Mobile." By extension, it's definitely conceivable that the "A" here is for "AT&T" -- which, again, would line up with the Mobilicity exec's verbiage. If this is true, it's theoretically possible that we could see AT&T and its similarly-equipped Canadian cousins get their own Nexus S as soon as five-odd weeks from now. Like the Nexus One before it, we've got a hard time picturing AT&T officially subsidizing this thing -- but hey, an unlocked full-price version is a solid start, we'd say.

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