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Save the world in DCUO's endgame


The catchphrase for DC Universe Online is "the next legend is you." But what do you do when you become that legend? What is in store for you when you reach level 30? In the latest video from DCUO, Sony Online Entertainment Game Director Chris Cao proclaims, "There is no end for this kind of game."

There are, in fact, many instances to run and people who need saving. Arkham Asylum has been hijacked by Mister Freeze, and the inmates have run amok. Gotham City needs your help controlling this disaster. But that's not all: T. O. Morrow has stolen The Joker's toxic gas and is using it to power his destructive robots at Ace Chemicals. If you travel to the other side of the world to Kahndaq, you'll find Faust has promised Black Adam that he will return his long dead wife back to life. However, something has gone terribly wrong. All the dead from the past are rising, and it is your job to stop Faust and Adam. Lastly, Brainiac has invaded the Batcave. Batman cannot by himself protect the Waynetech technology from falling into Brainiac's hands!

Catch the action-packed trailer after the break and report to DC Universe Online if you want to take part in saving the world.

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