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Sony's restraining order against Geohot granted


Everything's coming up Sony. First, the NGP is unveiled to a general chorus of *drool*. Now, PSX-Scene has revealed court documents showing that a district judge granted Sony's temporary restraining order against PS3 hacker George "geohot" Hotz.

Hotz is now barred from "offering to the public, creating, posting online, marketing, advertising, promoting, installing, distributing, providing, or otherwise trafficking" (phew) in any software or methods for circumventing the PS3's protection methods. No longer can he "provide links from any website to any other website" relating to such matters, or publish any information obtained by hacking the PS3. And more to the point, he can no longer "engage in acts of circumvention of TPMS in the PS3 System to access, obtain, remove, or traffic in copyrighted works."

The court allowed this restraining order to go through despite jurisdiction issues (specifically, Hotz residing in a different state than Sony, and a different state from where the claim was filed), granting specific jurisdiction "because he purposefully directed his activities at the forum state" of California.

The judge ordered that all involved parties meet to set a hearing date regarding Sony's motion for an injunction -- and Hotz's motion to dismiss on personal jurisdiction grounds -- by February 1, 2011.

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