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Verizon iPhone preorders will start at 3 AM February 3


MacRumors received an email from Verizon saying that the carrier will begin its preorder sales of the iPhone at 3 AM EST on February 3, just over a week from now.

The February 3 preorder date is just for current Verizon Wireless customers who have their My Verizon account set up. Preorders are limited, so once they're gone, Verizon's preexisting customers will have to wait until the February 10 general sale date.

MacRumors said that Verizon is allowing some AT&T iPhone customers to trade in their phones for credit if they make the switch to the Verizon iPhone. At the same time, AT&T is doing whatever it can to keep those customers. Trade-in prices, as listed by MacRumors, are:

  • iPhone (16 GB - first generation): $60
  • iPhone 3G (16 GB): $105
  • iPhone 3GS (32 GB): $160
  • iPhone 4 (16 GB): $280
  • iPhone 4 (32 GB): $360

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