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Apple job posting suggests NFC capability for iPad, iPhone


Thanks to Apple's job board, we may have more evidence that a future version of the iPhone and iPad may include Near Field Communication technology. A recent job listing is seeking a HW test engineer with experience in embedded systems and knowledge of various technologies including RFID. Engadget notes that the listing was changed in the past 24 hours, and the RFID in the job listing has been replaced with RF.

Another recent job listing is seeking a manager for a global payment platform. Each individual will "contribute to the analysis and development of new payment types and processes for the various business units," which include iTunes, the online Apple store and Apple retail stores. The listing does not explicitly mention NFC, but one payment type new to the US and gaining momentum is NFC.

After lagging behind areas like Japan where NFC technology is ubiquitous, mobile payments using Near Field Communication is poised to take off here in the US. Three of four of the major wireless carriers, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, are banding together to form a venture named Isis. Isis will be a nationwide commercial network that permits mobile payments via NFC-enable smarpthones and Discover's payment infrastructure. To compete with this carrier-driven endeavor, Apple could establish its own payment network that uses iOS devices and your iTunes account to make wireless purchases. Apple could turn the growing mobile payments market upside down if it could implement such a system on a large scale.

[Via Engadget, AppleInsider]

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