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Average iPhone owner has 108 apps, spends 84 minutes a day using them


A survey of the 1,000 iOS devices that synchronize with Appsfire's mobile app discovery and sharing platform reveal some interesting statistics about app usage by its iOS owners. Summarized in an infographic, the compiled statistics show that most of its iOS users prefer native apps to web apps.

The average user spends 84 minutes a day using on-device applications and a mere ten minutes on the web using web-based applications. Each iOS owner has, on average, 108 applications installed on their device. Of these applications, 20 are shipped with the operating system and 88 are installed from the App Store.

Breaking it down even further, Appsfire suggests that 58% of installed applications are free, 23% are paid and 19% are the default apps on the handset. Of these apps, the average Appsfire user spends 10% of their time on telephony and 47% of their time using other apps like Angry Birds, Instagram and more.

While the results are compelling, they represent a subset of users who are focused on finding and using applications. Take a look at the infographic after the break and let us know in the comments if you fit into this profile.

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