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BBC iPlayer app for iPhone and iPad to be released in February


Paid Content:UK is reporting that the long-awaited BBC iPlayer app for iPhone and iPad is due to be released at some point late in February, almost a year after the app was first announced. It's expected the app will arrive on the heels of the departure of the BBC's future media and technology director, Erik Huggers, to Intel.

The extremely popular BBC iPlayer, an on-demand BBC program catch-up service for UK residents only, has been available on the iPhone and iPad as a web-app for some time now, but it's widely expected that a native-built iOS app would be unrivaled in performance and features compared to the current web version

What's next on the Apple-loving UK residents' wish list for the iPlayer? A full-blown version for the Apple TV. Although this is very unlikely to happen anytime soon, news of a native iOS iPlayer app is certainly a step in the right direction on the BBC's part.

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