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Phosphor Games' upcoming 'Awakened' looks powerfully promising

Justin McElroy

We were all set to do a crushingly sad post about "Hero," a really interesting Midway project that got swallowed up by the company's financial woes. (Watch a clip of it here.) ... See? Sad -- right? But before you shed too many tears know that there's one heck of a silver lining: Much of Hero's development team has reformed as Phosphor Games and has begun work on a similarly heroic project called Awakened. Check out this Gamasutra interview with studio head Chip Sineni for the full story.

It's early yet -- the game doesn't even have a publisher -- but the concept of a fully customizable super hero and the really stunning trailer we've got for you after the break have allowed us to magically transform our depression into gut-wrenching anticipation. Sure, it's kind of a lame super power, but we figure we have to start somewhere.

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