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[Updated] SWTOR unveils the Taral V flashpoint


We've been told about Star Wars: The Old Republic flashpoints for over a year now, since the Developer Walkthrough, but no one outside of BioWare has seen, touched, or really known anything about them -- until today. Gamespot was lucky enough to land the first glimpse into one of the Republic flashpoints: Taral V.

This 90-minute story arc within SWTOR was summed up in a subsequent interview with Jesse Sky, World Designer for SWTOR. A powerful Jedi is being held prisoner inside a nebula, and only one specific computer can navigate the maelstrom. Sky highlights the flashpoint like so: "Your mission is to infiltrate the hidden Imperial fortress on Taral V and recover this computer. Success will mean that the Republic fleet can launch an assault on the prison where you can, perhaps, rescue the Jedi prisoner."

For more on the interview with Jesse Sky, you can run over to Gamespot or follow after the break right here on Massively for the full Taral V video.

[Update: The official SWTOR website has added a new section for Flashpoints including four other instances besides Taral V. We also updated the video so it does not have the three minutes of nothing at the end.]

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