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The French gain a 3D iPad Newstand


We've heard much talk of a virtual NewsStand for the iPad, but have yet to see one, until now. It seems, the French are the first to get a selection of magazines available on the iPad all from one app -- in virtual 3D, no less.

Le Kiosque, by, is a free iPad app that sells magazines via in-app purchase. According to the Le Kiosque iOS App Store description (with the aid of some nifty Google translation in tow), the app has a 3D kiosk interface with more than 400 magazines available at up to 70% off the real-world, glossy-paper equivalent.

Once you've purchased your favourite mag, you can view it straight away via "streaming playback" -- no download wait times. There's also an off-line mode as well as access to archived back issues.

From what we can gather (with the aid of Google Translate, once again), according to a telephone interview conducted by FRECHWEB.FR with Le Kiosque's head of marketing, Michael Philippe, two months of negotiations were held between Apple and the Le Kiosque team before the app was approved. Apparently, Le Kiosque was hoping to offer subscription-based content, but Apple refused. Where've we heard that before?

Though in French, Le Kiosque is available in the US and UK iOS App Stores with some daily news content in English. Check out a video of the app in action after the break.

[Via 9 to 5 Mac, FRENCHWEB.FR]

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