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Raptr and MAT offer prizes for killing zombies

Eliot Lefebvre

Raptr has become one of the more popular game community systems out there, and odds are good that several of our readers already use it for tracking playtime and messaging across multiple games. The team behind the client has teamed up with Suba Games to provide a pretty interesting promotion, offering MAT players a chance to earn some goodies for both the game and Raptr itself. And as with most player-friendly promotions, all you have to do is sign up and play.

The promotion is structured around playtime within the game, with players qualifying for better prizes the longer they remain in-game. MAT itself is an MMOFPS structured around players wielding real-world weapons against the usual army of zombies, mummies, and other supernatural undead scourges. If it sounds like the sort of thing that might tickle your fancy for the weekend, take a look at the official page to sign up -- after all, there are worse ways to spend some downtime on the weekend than shooting zombies.

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