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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup has an embarrassment of comics

It's another one of those wonderful weeks where the webcomic community turned out so many gold comedy nuggets, that we'd feel guilty for sticking to our usual "seven strips per Wrapup" policy. No, seriously, we'd feel absolutely flooded with guilt. Should we ignore these impulses, we'd simply drown in the stuff. We know we're putting a lot of pressure on you with these extra offerings, but we hope you appreciate the great stress it removes from us to pass the buck in this manner.

Check out our nine favorite webcomics from this past week in the list posted below. Make sure to vote for your favorite in the poll embedded after the jump!

Blood Loss (Awkward Zombie)
Inner Wealth (Penny Arcade)
Party Star (Brawl in the Family)
Little Deviant (Digital Unrest)
Make Anything (Extra Life)
Tragick (Nerf NOW)
Kinder Surprise (VG Cats)
Welcome to Chatotroulette (Dueling Analogs)
Monetary Conversion (No Cash Value)


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