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WeSC Karmatech concept makes your shoes more social with RFID


We've been seeing more and more shoes infused with different sorts of technology in recent years, but none quite like this WeSC Karmatech concept developed by some students at Sweden's Hyper Island "digital school." Described as a "social take on Nike+," the shoes apparently wouldn't have an accelerometer but they do pack an RFID chip that allows the wearer to interact with their surroundings -- automatically check in at a location and share it on Facebook or Twitter, for instance, or get access to exclusive deals or special events. Of course, it is just a concept, but the students note that it would be relatively cheap to implement (at least on the shoe end of the equation), as the RFID tags themselves only cost a few cents. Kinda gives a new meaning to "sneakernet," doesn't it? Head on past the break for the video.

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