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Zoe Mode finally announces Chime Super Deluxe for PSN, coming this Spring

After months of beating around the proverbial bush, Zoe Mode has confirmed that the charitable, rhythmic puzzler Chime will make its way to the PSN this Spring. Its newest iteration will actually be titled Chime Super Deluxe, which we initially believed to indicate the addition of short, super hilarious internet cartoons. No dice -- Zoe Mode explained on PlayStation Blog that the game's "Deluxeness" can be attributed to its 10-strong tracklist, as well as its two multiplayer modes, which were sadly left undetailed.

We'll let you know when firmer details crop up. For now, check out the first five songs revealed from the game's soundtrack as well as an adjective-rich teaser trailer after the jump.

  • "Ooh Yeah" -- Moby
  • "Spilled Cranberries" -- Markus Schulz
  • "Brazil" -- Philip Glass
  • "For Silence" -- Paul Hartnoll (Orbital)
  • "Disco Ghosts" -- Fred Deakin (Lemon Jelly)

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