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EVE planetary interaction improvements deployed


When EVE Online's Tyrannis expansion was first released, developers promised that a team would be assigned to iterate on the core planetary interaction feature. Numerous user interface tweaks have been deployed since then in hotfixes, but the biggest gameplay improvements so far have just arrived with last week's final Incursion expansion deployment. Developers Kristinn Þór Sigurbergsson and Cat Pinson discussed the major updates in a series of video devblogs leading up to the expansion. In a new devblog, CCP Omen has provided a more detailed explanation of the improvements and how you can take advantage of them.

A welcome change for players is the ability to upgrade a control center without tearing down the entire industrial chain attached to it. The biggest changes are with the resource extraction process, which has received a complete overhaul. Individual extractors have been replaced with a central Extractor Control Unit, from which movable drill heads can be deployed. Resources also now deplete when they're mined, so you'll need to move your drill heads around periodically to keep the operation running smoothly. Head over to the official devblog for the full details.

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