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One Shots: Trouble comes in threes

When it comes to hotly anticipated games for 2011, RIFT is one of the top games readers seem to be interested in. With inky black skies opening up overhead and the threat of doom headed for the lands of Telara, many players are eating this fantasy title up. One such person is today's One Shots contributor, Steven L., who sent in this screenshot from a recent RIFT beta and writes: "Coming over a bridge during a zone event in Scarlet Gorge, I managed to catch the screenshot of three death rifts in close proximity to one another. The game continues to impress me even though we're only in beta five!"

If you're in a beta with an open NDA, we'd be glad to show off your screenshots. All you have to do to participate is snap a picture, write a quick note about it, and email it to us here at Be sure to include your name and the name of the game as well. It could be one of the next ones we feature out here on Massively.

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