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Adobe's Packager to be updated for iPad support


Adobe is reportedly working to update its Packager for iPhone and will launch it in a new version of the popular Adobe Creative Suite bundle. Packager for iPhone is a utility included in Adobe Flash Professional CS5 and the Adobe AIR SDK that lets developers export their Flash-based applications to the iOS platform. The updated version of Packager for iPhone is rumored to include improved support for the iPad as well as new Android devices. The tool will also improve touch support by including additional gestures such as pinch to zoom.

Adobe's Packager for iPhone was bundled into Creative Suite 5, but its development was abandoned when Apple banned the use of third-party development tools before the launch of iOS 4. When Apple reversed this decision several months later, Adobe kicked up the pace of development to improve this application for their Flash developers.

According to AppleInsider, Adobe will release this updated tool in an interim version of Adobe Creative Suite that will land before Version 6.0. The version has been referred to internally as Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Digital Publishing. Screenshots of Adobe Flash Professional CS 5.5 have been spotted, and the application is reportedly under beta testing. Information on a potential launch date is still unknown.

[Via AppleInsider and 9to5Mac]

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