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Frogster CEO resigns


Andreas Weidenhaupt, CEO of Frogster, has announced his impending resignation from the company. Weidenhaupt will be stepping down in April of this year to focus on other projects but will remain a consultant with Frogster afterward.

Weidenhaupt has been one of the most public faces of the company, particularly for Runes of Magic and TERA.

Frogster's chairman of the executive board Christoph Gerlinger had this to say about Andreas' departure: "We thank Andreas kindly for his job performance of the past years, the amicable co-operation with the executive board colleagues and for his significant contribution to the success of Frogster. In the course of last year, Andreas managed to fill the Frogster product pipeline with excellent titles for the next years in advance."

You can read the full announcement over at Frogster Interactive.

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