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Gamers documentary now available for streaming


Back in November of last year, we came across an interesting documentary on gaming and MMORPGs. In the 60-minute film "Gamers," filmmaker Ben Gonyo explores today's online gaming culture in an effort to make it more accessible and understandable to a wider audience. For two years, Gonyo immersed himself in World of Warcraft and the gaming subculture to find out what it's all about. Although it touches on controversial issues like a player's potential obsession with his or her virtual hobby, the documentary's aim is to heave a mostly light-hearted tone. It includes interviews with gamers, game designers, comedians, celebrities and psychologists.

Although the film aired on several TV channels, only a brief trailer for the film was made publicly available online. The full 60-minute documentary has now been made publicly available for streaming via the internet. Head over to the video stream at SnagFilms to watch the film and leave your own comments on the issues covered. International viewers should be advised that the stream may be restricted only to US residents.

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