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Forsaken World to be unleashed March 23rd


Looking for new vistas to explore, for untamed MMO wilds to colonize? Perfect World Entertainment hopes that you'll give its upcoming free-to-play title Forsaken World a shot, as the company just announced its March 23rd release date. Forsaken World will be simultaneously launched in North America and Europe with English, German and French versions.

PWE's Director of Marketing, Jonathan Belliss, thinks the game should appeal to these regions: "Forsaken World is one of our most impressive games to date. With vast devotion from our talents and contribution from our players, this game was built from the ground up with the western gamers in mind. We're very excited to finally be releasing Forsaken World and a huge thanks goes out to our beta testing community for providing us with such great feedbacks."

Forsaken World is an MMO that features both the familiar and the unusual (such as floating guild halls), and has been praised by testers for its performance and interesting classes. If you're looking to get to know the game a bit better, hit the jump to watch PWE's third developer diary covering locations and dungeons (here are the first and second videos, if you need to catch up).

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