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Rumor: I Am Alive on PSN and XBLA


*Cough, cough.*

I Am Alive. No, really, I haven't been declared dead yet! I know it's been touch-and-go, but I appear to be on the mend. It's just -- well, I may have lost a bit of myself along the way.

I was once supposed to be a full-fledged retail game -- in a nice box and everything -- but according to the host of JeuxFrance's "Warpzone" show (who claims to have been informed directly from the creator herself, Jade Raymond), I'm now going to be alive digitally, inside of Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. While I don't like the idea of losing any vital parts or, uh, shrinking, I do hope the news is true! Those are nice, open places to live -- and probably better than a cramped box.

Check out the Warpzone episode here -- fast-forward to the eight-minute mark for the stuff about me! You do know French, I trust?

[Update: Ubisoft hasn't gotten back to us, but it did tell Eurogamer, "we have not recently announced anything for I Am Alive and we have nothing official to announce at this time." Well, okay then.]

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