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'' domain registered by Microsoft


As if the rumor of a remade Halo: Combat Evolved in the Halo: Reach engine weren't enough, now we've got a URL registered to Microsoft from back in June of 2010 for "" Gaming Reloaded spotted the site's Whois information, which pegs the unambiguous URL as one owned by Halo franchise owner Microsoft. While it's possible that Microsoft is currently hard at work on a Halo-based Kinect title, it's also possible that the publisher is just snapping up several "just in case" URLs before virtual squatters show up.

That said, given the long-term beefing up of positions at 343 Industries (Microsoft's internal Halo studio), it's certain that something is in the works over there. Though Microsoft has yet to announce anything officially, we're hoping this whole "Kinect Halo" thing is little more than a memory if and when it does.

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