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Medal of Honor soundtracks getting reprinted in eight-disc collection

Are you looking for a metric ton of musical accompaniment for ... well, any event that would require you to get super, super pumped up beforehand? La-La Land Records and Electronic Arts have teamed up to create the most potent bundle of inspirational tunes you've ever heard: An eight-disc, ten-hour-long compilation of all the original scores from the Medal of Honor series.

In addition to the almost-half-day of music from composers Michael Giacchino, Christopher Lennertz and Ramin Djawadi, the bundle includes a 40-page book with information on each game and soundtrack, complete with a foreword from the series' creator, Stephen Spielberg. The collection will be available through La-La Land Records on March 1, though a price wasn't included in the announcement. Really, though, can you put a price on inspiration?

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Includes original scores from Michael Giacchino, Christopher Lennertz, and Ramin Djawadi

LOS ANGELES, CA – Electronic Arts (EA) continues to make new strides in video game music with the release of the MEDAL OF HONOR SOUNDTRACK COLLECTION. The limited edition eight disc, ten hour set represents original scores from the MEDAL OF HONOR videogame series, previously unreleased material from the award-winning composers Michael Giacchino, Christopher Lennertz and Ramin Djawadi, a 40-page booklet with complete track information, and an introduction by game creator, Director Steven Spielberg. According to Steve Schnur, Worldwide Executive of Music and Marketing at EA, "the box set representing the 12-year-old franchise is an absolute milestone for video game scores. The millions of MEDAL OF HONOR fans around the world deserve nothing less. We are honored to partner with LA-LA Land Records." The limited edition box set will be released March 1st.

In choosing an appropriate composer to convey the mood of the first MEDAL OF HONOR, legendary director Steven Spielberg was introduced to and impressed with young unknown composer, Michael Giacchino. "I did what anybody in their right mind would do," said Spielberg. "I signed him up to score MEDAL OF HONOR-and the rest of Giacchino's history belongs to him." Giacchino's video game score pioneered live orchestral recordings of videogame music.

After four highly successful video game scores, the baton was passed to Christopher Lennertz, who also composed the score for the Quantum of Solace game. Lennertz recorded MOH European Assault and Pacific Assault with the Hollywood Studio Symphony, which has recorded for legendary composers such as John Williams.

Last year the game was reinvented and for the first time in its 12-year history, MEDAL OF HONOR left World War II and entered the modern day warfare in Afghanistan. The most recent disc of the collection demanded an intense score that could bring the game into this brand new era, and Ramin Djawadi was brought on for the challenge. Known for his score for Iron Man and the Prison Break television series, Djawadi's score matches the intensity of the soldier's story and Tier 1 experience in 2010's MEDAL OF HONOR.

The increasing demand of the MEDAL OF HONOR scores by soundtrack aficionados led to EA's musical compendium of the MOH music. The rising popularity of videogame music has created an outcry to the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) to create a GRAMMY category honoring "Best Videogame Score." Currently, the Grammys recognizes video game music as part of the category "Best Score Soundtrack for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media."

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